Germany 2013, drama, 89min
With Daniel Michel, Martin Schleiß, Luise Berndt, Rainer Wöss and Anna Thalbach

Two brothers, Marten and Volker, meet up at their parents’ abandoned house on the coast of the small island they grew up on. Marten, the older brother, has pledged to himself that the two of them together will go and pick up their mother who has been in prison for many years, since the death of their abusive father. But it seems that Volker has only come back in order to sell the house. Apparently he is unable to forgive neither his mother nor his older brother for the fact that they did nothing to protect him from longtime abuse.

The brothers drama NORDSTRAND is the second after BERGFEST in a trilogy about the long arm of domestic violence. “The silent, hidden violence is here especially important for me. The concerned person is sometimes not even aware of the influence – even though it can overshadow a whole life”, says writer and director Florian Eichinger.

First Press Comments: “Crumbling family structures and personal crises in front of a barren landscape – that is at Ophuls festival almost a genre of its own . The mo re enjoyable if a film of this division stands out by far due to its workmanship: ‘Nordstrand’, written and directed by Florian Eichinger is a quiet highlight of the competition, a touching, thereby unsentimental narrated drama about violence and brotherly love.” Saarbrücker Zeitung

“A tightly orchestrated, silent drama, a cinematic gem. One can compare Eichinger with acclaimed directors such as Christian Petzold or Andreas Dresen. He develops many small, seemingly unspectacular drama that together become a very large one. “Echo Online

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